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    The Great Grandmaster, Law Tiu Wen, was a qualified student during the late Qing Dynasty, and keen on playing Chinese martial arts. He had also studied overseas in Japan. He learned Snake Crane Wing Chun from Sum Kam who is an Actor of Chinese Opera performed in “King Fa House”. In the Revolution of 1911, the Chinese Democratic Revolution led by Dr Sun Yat-sen, Law Tiu Wen worked as the secretary of General Mr Li Fok Lam. At the beginning of the Republic of China, he quit his government official job and returned to his birthplace, Fo Shan Sai Chiu in Guangdong Province, as a practitioner of Chinese medicine. Afterwards, he taught his son, Law Ting Chau, the skillful technique of Wing Chun. Law Ting Chau came to Hong Kong in the 1940s, he worked as a police officer and then worked in cultural-related jobs. He passed the art of skillful technique of Wing Chun to his son, Law Chiu Wing. All successors since Master Sun Kam are in the lineage of the same family and have kept the Snake Crane Wing Chun in a very low profile during each generation.


    There are two interrelated names in Snake Crane Wing Chun Kuen :- one is called ‘Blind Kuen’. Eyes can be covered during practice to train and develop quick reflexes. The other is called ‘Home Kuen’ because training exercise is always done at home, never in the public.


    Lineage Chart as follows:

    (Sum Kam / "Da Fa Min Kam" / Painted Face Kam) (1st Gen) →

    Law Tiu Wen (2nd Gen) →

    Law Ting Chau (3rd Gen) →

    Law Chiu Wing (4th Gen) →

    Mook Wai Keung (5th Gen)

    Daniel G Stark (6th Gen)

  • Lineage chart for Snake Crane Wing Chun Mun

    Master Chi Sin .


    Master Sun Kam AKA Painted Face Kam

    Grandmaster Law Tai Wen

    Master Law Ting Chau

    Master Law Chui Wing.

    Master Mok Wai Keung

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